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Leaf turned around in her chair. In front of her was a light tan citee with long brownish black hair, grey eyes and grey ears filled with different kinds of objects. Her hands were on her hips and her eyes were narrowed at Leaf.

"Excuse me?" Leaf asked the stranger.

The girl walked up to Leaf and looked down at her. "He won't remember you," she repeated. Leaf opened her mouth to object but Boo had already spoken.

"Dallas! Oh, how it's nice to see you again," Boo said with a sly smile. Dallas looked at Boo for a few seconds, then back at Leaf.

Leaf looked at Dallas with wide eyes. This was Dallas? How everybody talked about Dallas she expected her to seem more... dangerous. Leaf eyes the rest of her body. She wore a long leather jacket, cut jeans shorts with leather boot that  had a knife attachted to each side of it. She looked back up at Dallas and grabbed her bag.

"Uhm... hi, Dallas. It seems you know Reno..."

"Know him? I practically sleep with him," she scoffed. Boo let out a small cough behind them and Leaf could feel her face get red. She squeezed her bag and looked down at the ground. "What do you want with Reno?"

Leaf smiled a bit. "I want to see him! I've been searching days to see him because I've missed him so much and-"

Dallas held up a hand. "Wait a minute. In order to miss him, you'd have to know him. And I know everybody that Reno knows and I do not know you," she growled.

"Oh, well that's ok!" Leaf said, getting down from her seat and pushing past Dallas. "You can still show me to him-"

Dallas grabbed Leaf's arm and pulled her back in front of her. "Do not push me. I do not know, I do not trust you. For all I know you could be trying to hurt Reno."

"That's what I said!"

"Shut it, Boo!"

Leaf looked down at Dallas's hand which was gripping her arm tightly. Leaf looked at the ground again and squeezed her bag. "Uhm...can you let go of me please?" she whispered. Dallas looked at Leaf's bag and snatched it from her arms.


She opened up the bag and began scavaging through it. She started tossing out books, paper and her plants. All of her belongings landed on the floor with thuds and a few crashes, pot filled with plants breaking.

"Hey!" Leaf yelled. "Stop that! That's my stuff!"

Dallas finally ended up pulling out the purple flower. She looked at Leaf and in a blinding second, her hand was on her throat. "You aren't from around here. There is no plant life here. Where did you get this? Are you some kind of citee spy? Are you trying to plant and grow this so you can kill us citi? WHO ARE YOU?"

Leaf's throat was closing up from the pressure Dallas was putting on it and she began to wheeze. She felt her head get light headed and her eyes starting to roll in the back of her head.

"Let...go...of me."

"Why?" Dallas demanded, her grip getting tighter.


Leaf moved her hand over Dallas's wrist and brought up her legs a few inches off the ground. Dallas gave her a confusing look.

"I said...let go of me!" Leaf brought her feet on Dallas's chest and pushed away. Dallas went flying onto the ground and Leaf hit the bar with her back. Pain shot through her spine and she let out a small groan. Everybody in Duat Duat started screaming and running out of the club. Boo looked around and ducked behind the counter.

Dallas got to her feet, red with fury. "You bitch!" she screamed and charged at Leaf. They clashed together in the bar counter, fists flying. Dallas's fist scored Leaf's stomach repeatedly and she felt like she was going to be sick. Dallas brought up her knee and got Leaf in the nose which caused her to fall on the ground.

"Get up and fight citee!" Dallas yelled and tried to stomp on her. Leaf rolled out of the way and swung her leg in front of her, tripping Dallas. Dallas landed on the ground with a thud, a loud hiss coming from her mouth. Leaf jumped on top of her and tried to hit her face. Dallas had both of Leaf's wrists in her hands and they were rolling on the ground, heading to the dancefloor. The different colored lights were making Leaf's head spin and she couldn't see properly. Dallas took advantage of this. She pushed Leaf off of her and disappeared in the shadows.

Leaf kept turning trying to find Dallas. She ears twitched above her head trying to find any sound movement. Suddenly, a sharp, crushing blow hit Leaf's left side. She collasped on the ground and she heard Dallas letting out a laugh.

"Seems like you have a blind side. Or a blind eye," she smirked before kicking Leaf on her side.

Leaf heard a crunch and she screamed in pain, tears flowing down her face.

"Why can't you just fight back, huh citee?" Dallas said and punched her in the chest plate. Air came out of her chest and she stayed still, unable to move. Dallas picke dLeaf up by her throat and held her up in the air.


"You made the wrong mistake, darling, coming here. You will not talk to Reno, you will not see Reno. You will know nothing of him. You do not deserve to know him. I will not let you or any other annoying citi touch him. You're worthless here!" she screamed before aiming her fist at Leaf's face.

There was a loud pop that echoed in the club and Boo came out from behind the bar, broken beer bottle in hand. His dark colored eyes searched around the club for a few minutes before resting on the dancefloor. Boo let out a loud gasp of shock before hiding back behind the bar.

Dallas's eyes were wide with shock and her jaw was halfway open. Leaf held Dallas's fist in the palm of her hand. Her hair was in her face and a evil smile came about her face.

"Let me tell you something, Dallas. I know Reno, more and longer than you have. I know he is a citee, just like me. I know he has orange and yellow ears. I know his power is telepathy. And let me tell you something else," Leaf growled. Her hand squeezed over Dallas's and she let in a sharp breath of pain. Leaf looked up at Dallas, eyes glowing a bright green.

"I am not annoying. Nor am I worthless. If anything...I'm pissed."

Leaf head butted Dallas and she landed on the dancefloor, ready to attack. She crouched on the floor, hands like claws and legs to the side. Her tail moved furiously behind her and her teeth were starting to become fangs.

A lot of air pressure started to fill the room and Leaf let out a loud snarl. Dallas got up, knives in hand. "What do you think you're doing?"

A slithering sound across marble made Dallas look to the side. The pants that were on the ground and broken by Dallas started to move towards Leaf.

"I may not be a good hand to hand combat fighter like you Dallas, but when I'm pissed or hurt, so are my plants."

The purple flower that was on the ground began to grow and open up, giving out a bright red light in the inside. Another loud snarl came out fo Leaf's lips and she alternated, now a russet wolf.

Dallas crouched, her knives like an X in front of her.

The whole club was silent besides the steadily fast beat of the music. The two enemies looked at each other, eyes narrowed and lips drawn up in snarls.

Leaf let out a mixed between a snarl and a bark before charging at Dallas. Dallas slid her knives across each other making a loud metallic sound before racing towards.

Just as the two clashed in the middle, a bright orange light filled the room.
Yay! Chapter 5 is here and is totally bad arse! Now excuse me while i get ice for my fingers!

Originally, it was just going to be the picture of Leaf Moon and it was just going to be a sneak peek of this Chapter. But I changed my mind. I think it would be cooler if I did it like this.

I hope I didn't make Dallas seem too bad... I was just really into the fight scene...

Dallas, Boo(c) :iconwhen-in-dallas:
Leaf Moon(c) me
When-in-Dallas Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Student Writer
Dallas loves a good fightonce and while!~

You're way better at writing fight scenes that me! xD
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